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Six Prisoners Executed in Iran

Iran Human Rights, February 28: Six prisoners were hanged in three different Iranian cities reported the Iranian state media. Four of the prisoners were hanged in public. Four prisoners hanged publicly in Gachsaran (western Iran) today: According to the official…


Six Prisoners Executed in Iran

Iran Human Rights, February 28: Six prisoners were hanged in three different Iranian cities reported the Iranian state media. Four of the prisoners were hanged in public. Four prisoners hanged publicly in Gachsaran (western Iran) today: According to the official…

About 500 Executions in One Prison Since October 2012- New Executions in Vakilabad

Iran Human Rights, February 24: On February 3, Iran Human Rights (IHR) reported that secret executions in Vakilabad prison had resumed after several months’ halt due to international reactions. The executions began in October 2012 and have been taking place…

Three prisoners were hanged in Kermanshah

Iran Human Rights, February 24: Three prisoners were hanged in the prison of Dizelabad in Kermanshah (western Iran)  Wednesday 20 February . According to the Iranian national broadcasting in Kermanshah the prisoners were convicted of drug trafficking. No further details…

8 prisoners among them one woman hanged in Shiraz Today- Executions one day before scheduled date

Iran Human Rights, February 19: Eight prisoners were hanged in Shiraz’s Adelabad Prison early this morning. According to the official website of the Iranian judiciary in the province of Fars, eight prisoners, among them one woman, were hanged this morning.…

12 Prisoners Scheduled for Hanging on Wednesday

Iran Human Rights, February 18: According to reports from reliable sources in Iran, 12 prisoners are scheduled to be executed in Shiraz Prison (south of Iran) on Wednesday, February 20, 2013. According to the same sources, the prisoners have been…

Four Executions In Public In iran , Seven Executions

Iran Human Rights, February 18: Seven prisoners were hanged in the cities of Arak and Shiraz according to the official Iranian sources. Three prisoners hanged in Arak (Central Iran): According to the official Iranian news agency IRNA three prisoners were…

Iran Human Rights’ Leader Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam’s speech on Majid Tavakoli’s student Peace Prize Ceremony


Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam:
In absence of popular support, and in order to survive, the dictatorship in Iran has to spread fear among the people. They do this by persecution and arrest of activists, journalists, intellectuals, and by public executions and amputations and by extensive use of violence.
In this way they appear more powerful than they actually are, and they make the people feel more powerless.
It is in this context that we understand why the Iranian authorities were so threatened by Majid Tavakoli, a peaceful 23 year old student who just spoke about the fundamental human rights, and for what they put him in solitary confinement, sentenced him to 9 years in prison and life time ban from education.
Majid Tavakoli’s words about the human rights situation, and especially when he addresses the Supreme leader, shake the fundaments of the Iranian regime. His peaceful words are much bigger threat to the regime’s existence than any threat of a military intervention. His speech demonstrates that Majid and the student movement are not powerless.

Today’s prize is not only a prize to Majid Tavakoli for his courage and peaceful struggle for democracy and human rights in Iran, it is also a declaration of support for all members of the Iranian student movement and all those who struggle for their basic human rights. This prize inspires them and gives them strength to continue their struggle.
I am moved by this week’s events in honor of Majid Tavakoli, by seeing the pictures of the veiled male Norwegian students saying “we are all Majid”, and especially today’s “walk of peace” through the centre of Trondheim.
Iranian regime put Majid in prison to shut his voice. But today Majid’s voice is louder than ever, because you are his voice.

I can imagine how inspiring it will be for Majid and other members of the student movement to hear about these events. I can tell you that two days after announcing that Majid is the winner of 2013 student peace prize in September, the news reached Majid’s prison and it made Majid and other prisoners very happy and they celebrated it. I am sure that this week’s events would be even more inspiring for them. It gives them the strength to keep their fate in a better future, while they are in captivity.
The prize has also a message to Iran’s Supreme leader, Mr. Ali Khamenei, that the world is watching you, and that you will be held accountable for what your regime is doing.
I would like to say few words to Mr. Khamenei in Farsi:
آقای خامنه‌ای ، شما فکر می‌کنید تا کی‌ میتوانید با انداختن بهترین فرزندان ایران در زندانها، با سانسور، با اعدام و قطع عضو در ملأ عام به بقای حکومت ادامه دهید؟ یقین داشته باشید که در آینده‌ای نه‌ چندان دوربهار ایران نیز فرا خواهد رسید و آن  روز شما و دیگر مسئولین نظام باید در مقابل مردم ایران بخاطر تمام ظلم و ستمی که در این ۳۴ سال مرتکب شده‌اید جوابگو باشید.

My friends I am certain that sooner or later the Iranian spring will arrive, and one day Majid Tavakoli will be standing here and receiving the prize on behalf of the student movement, but until then we are all Majid.

Translation of the Farsi piece:
Mr. Khamenei, how long do you think by throwing Iran’s best children in prisons, by censorship, and by public hangings and amputations, you can prolong your regime’s life? Be sure that in a not so remote future the Iranian spring will arrive, and then you and other heads of the “establishment” (regime) will be held accountable in front of the people in Iran, for all the atrocities you have committed in the past 34 years.

Student Peace Prize 2013 Will Be Awarded To Iranian Student Leader Today In Trondheim- FREE MAJIS TAVAKOLI


February 15, 2013 : The biennial Student Peace Prize ceremony will be held today in Trondheim to officially award Majid Tavakoli, an Iranian university student activist  the 2013 prize. Since Majid is in prison his award must be presented to him…