About Us

This website belongs to the “Society of Iran Human Rights” (SIHR) in Norway. SIHR is the local society supporting the mother organization “Iran Human Rights” (IHR). Our aim is to increase public awareness about the violations of the human rights in Iran. Besides the death penalty which is a main focus of IHR website, we also write about other major human rights issues such as gender apartheid, suppression of the ethnic and religious groups, violations of the freedom of speech, situation of the Iranian prisons and any other human rights violations taking place in Iran today. We try also to cover the Iran-related news in the Norwegian media.

We stand by and support all the principles that the mother organization IHR is built on.

Given the limited resources we have, it is given that we will be able just to cover some of the human rights related news about Iran.

Not all the articles published on this site have IHR as the news source. Therefore we do not take the responsibility of the content in the news articles published by other sources.

Please help us to improve this website by sending us news, articles and suggestions.